Wednesday, August 26, 2009

National Stamping Month Idea

I just wanted to share with all of you an idea for National Stamping Month. I LOVE the card kit! It is stinkin' cute and one of the best! I really want to build up some great sales with it. I am offering a workshop time for any customer who purchases the kit where they can come over and assemble their cards. Plus, everyone who orders will get a free little card keeper that I am giving them! It's really easy and inexpensive. I hope it will be that extra little incentive to anyone who is interested in getting the kit.

It's really easy to make. Just take an 8 1/2x11 sheet of cardstock. Score, fold, cut out a small notch. Tie ribbon through to keep it closed and put cards inside! This one is big enough to keep 1/2 of the cards from the promotional kit, plus their envelopes. I decorated the cover with cardstock and used the stamps to embellish. I will email out a word file that shows the dimensions and cutting diagrams. Hope you like it! My second upline Diana created it, so I can't take the credit for designing it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Congrats on 10 years with CTMH!

Congrats to Jen Collins for being with 10 years at CTMH! WOOHOO!!! Here is a little video of her being recognized on stage and giving Jeanette a big hug! You rock, Jen!

Leadership Buzz!!

Hi Everyone!
Leadership was a blast! I really wish you all could have been there! We got to play with a ton of the fabulous new products and I was so very excited to teach our class on Studio J!! I can't tell you how fabulous a product Studio J is and is really going to open up a whole new group of customers! It goes side by side with our classic scrapbooking and I know we will have customers who will love both. :) I'd be happy to answer any questions you all have about it, so fire away! And I'll post more about leadership updates over the next few days. I hope you all start planning for Convention 2010 right now! And with the Dollars for DC program we can all budget and plan! Love it!