Monday, March 29, 2010

Studio J - Day 13

This is another layout where I created my own title area by adding a stickease tag and then a new journaling box on top. But the tip with this layout is a little note that you should feel free to play with the default embellishments. Each layout has default ribbon, brads, buttons etc that are "recommended." But don't feel like you have to use them! Just click on the embellishment and then the little trash can picture to delete it. Instead of the brads, add a stickease. Or instead of buttons, add knots of ribbon. There are so many choices. The default options are just a guide for someone who is starting out or if you just want to do something fast and easy. So feel free to be creative!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Studio J - Day 12

This layout was a really fun one to make and it came together really easily! See the "Girl Time" accent piece on the left page? It is decked out in Stickease! :) Stickease alphabet letters, medium size Stickease (with a digital brad in the center of the flower...don't forget to play around with adding the buttons and metal embellishments to the stickers!) and the Stickease borders. Here is how I adjusted the borders stickers. When you drag a border sticker to the layout, it will automatically make it 12 inches long to match the page. To re-size it, just click on it after you drop it on. Grab the diagonal arrow in the bottom right corner of the sticker and just move it until it is the size you want! That changes the whole proportions of the sticker, adjust the size both in length and width. If you want to just shorten or lengthen (and not change the other dimension, just grab one of the box icons on one of the sides and move it to fit. Play with it and you'll see what I mean. It's so easy! And it's nice because you can't resize the real stickease!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Studio J - Day 11

This layout is originally designed to be rotated, but I wanted my two focal point photos to be horizontal. To rotate your layouts, all you have to do is click on the gray circular arrow in the top corners and it will flip that page. Click once to turn the page 90 degrees, twice to turn it 180 degrees etc. It's fun to make whole new layout looks! Play around with rotating only one page, or rotating one page 90 degrees and the other 180 get the idea. There are many possibilities and each one makes it look like a totally different layout!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Studio J - Day 10

Not recognize this paper? Well, SURPRISE! Studio J offers an exclusive kit every few months that is not offered in the Idea Book! These kits will be theme specific (love the Halloween theme...something not offered in the idea book but that people often want to use) and will include exclusive stickease that go with it! It's a fun little extra with Studio J!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Studio J - Day 9

I love how the Stickease look 3-D with shadows around them! It's awesome! You can see on this layout how I added them in the squares, purposely letting them be bigger than the square. It makes them look even more dimensional to me. :) I also purposely made the title "Pinewood Derby" go sideways...I like that look! Then in the journaling box you can see that the journaling goes around the stickease. I added the sticker first and then typed the journaling, just putting in a couple of hard returns to make it go around it. If you want you can also make the journaling go over elements like the stickease! Play with it and have fun! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Studio J - Day 8

Here's another layout! As you can see, I used this kit for several pages I made to remember our Fall trip to southern Utah. :) Take a peek at the top right corner. See the tag there? I added that stickease tag to fit the space. Then I wanted to journal on the tag so I added a new text box by clicking on the button in the bottom tool bar that says "New Text Area." I simply moved that text box so it was centered on the tag and presto! A new journaling area! It was easy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Studio J - Day 7

It's Day 7 and another layout! Same theme and paper packet as last time. You can't tell on this small picture, but I added distressing to the cardstock pieces. And I found out a great tip through trial and error! When you add distressing (choose the ink color and then drag the type of distressing over to the cardstock area and it will distress all similar cardstocks for you) you can click on it and it brings up a little slider to make the distressing darker or lighter! I love it! I found that on the layouts I printed the lighter distressing didn't show up much, so now I turn it all the way up! It hasn't looked too dark yet...just right! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Studio J - Day 5&6

Oops! I forgot to post yesterday! What can I was a Monday! LOL! So here are two layouts for today! This first layout was created with photos from a family trip in the fall. In the journaling block on the left, you can see that the journaling looks like it is typed on Desert Sand cardstock. All of the journaling areas and title areas will automatically come with "vellum" as the default. The vellum looks like a lighter shade of the cardstock beneath it or looks like a sheer layer over patterned paper (whichever applies to the layout design). But you do not need to keep it that way! Feel free to change the background! Any of the cardstock colors that match that kit are an option (no patterned paper...but when do we ever use patterned paper to type journaling on? Very rarely). To change from vellum to a different color of cardstock, just click on the area and in the box that pops up there will be a variety of color swatches to choose from. Play with them all and see the one you like best!

Now on this layout I added stickease and buttons in the circle across the top. I had to resize the flower stickease. To make sure they were all the same, I just dragged one flower sticker to the circle and played with it until I got it the size I wanted. Then I clicked on it and made a note of how enlarged it was (there is a box that will say 125% or whatever). Then with the others I just dragged over another one clicked on the box and typed in the enlargement number so it automatically became the same size as the others. No need to eyeball it! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Studio J - Day 4

Here is another layout where I mixed typed font and the kit alphabet stickease. :) This time I just typed what I wanted on the left side and then added the stickease on the right. Easy as pie! Have fun!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Studio J - Day 3

The Studio J tip for the day is to swivel your text boxes. In this layout the title is vertical instead of horizontal. If you rotate a layout, just click on the text box and one of the little icons looks like an arrow turning. Just click on it and the text will rotate! It's so simple! In this layout I scattered the kit alphabet stickease to make more room and also to make it look random. So, play around with your text and's so easy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Studio J - Day 2

Here is your Studio J layout for the day! :) I have always loved this kit. The tip I wanted to share with you was with the title on the left page. I mixed both stickease and the typed fonts. It's really easy to do! Just type the written words in the title box. I manually added extra spaces between the words "Janica's" and "birthday." Just take a can always click on it and add more space (or less) as needed later. Then use the quick title tool to add the kit alphabet stickease in that same area. You can easily re-size them as needed and drag them to the right place in the title area. You're done! It's really easy and I love the look of mixing the alphabet stickease and typed font.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Studio J - Day 1

I made this Studio J layout because I wanted to take advantage of the LARGE photos! If I were to enlarge each of these photos to 8x10 it would have cost me easily at least $2-$3 for each photo just in developing costs! One of the cool perks about using Studio J! And the string of photos across the top of the left page two was fabulous because they were only 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 in size and it was a snap to scale my photos down to fit. So no matter whether you want your photos larger or smaller, Studio J makes it easy!

Excited about Studio J???

Excited about Studio J yet? Well, if you aren't, now is the time to get excited!!! We have until March 31st to take advantage of a fabulous preview time to play with Studio J and get a great discount on your layouts!

All consultants (even Junior consultants and JCCU's) can try out Studio J™ to create and order up to 10 two-page layouts at the discounted price of $9.95 US per layout with a special 22% immediate commission. That brings the final price to just $7.76 per layout! As an added bonus, JCs or JCCUs who purchase all 10 layouts by March 31 will be reactivated to full Consultant status! Normally, to reactivate, a Junior Consultant must place $300 or more in quarterly sales. With this offer, they can spend as little as $77.60.

To help get you excited I am going to post a new Studio J layout, with a little tip on how to use Studio J every day until now and the end of the month! I hope you love it! And PLEASE feel free to share your own layouts too! You can post them yourself (email me if you need access to the blog) or email me your layout and I can post it for you. (BTW, Yes, we can scan or take pictures of our printed Studio J layouts just like how you would with any traditional layout). You are going to LOVE Studio J!!!