Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deal-a-Day...SAVED the day!

Okay, so here's my story with Deal-a-Day...At the beginning of the month I was freaking out trying to figure out how to earn the points I needed to finish up the New Zealand Incentive Trip points. Summer months have historically been low for me and so I knew I was going to need a miracle to earn those points!

I must admit that I wasn't sure how well this sale would go over with my clients, but I just promoted it as the "freebie" deal that it was and WOW did they ever eat it up!

I am proud to say that I have had 34 sales on my site this month - 2 of my clients bought EVERY single goodie box we had and today I have had 7 gals buy the "BIG" box! WOOHOO! This has bumped my sales up over $2k more than they would have been and have taken a HUGE load off my shoulders for the summer months. Not that I won't keep working hard this summer but now I know that it is doable - I WILL be on the next trip to New Zealand and it's because Deal-a-Day saved the day!

Last Deal-a-Day special is WOW!

WOW! Have all of you guys seen the last deal-a-day special? A goodie box worth $300 for only $125! That's better than half off. I'm really excited! I hope that my customers love it too. :) What have all of you guys thought about the Deal-a-Day specials? Have your customers enjoyed them or not? What would you like to see different? Would you like them to do a similar series of specials in the future? I'd really love to hear all of your feedback!

I want to tell you about one experience I've had with this special. Last Friday night was my scrapbook club. Earlier that day I was putting the finishing touches on my layouts for next month (I always show them the following month's layouts). They are the Bella layouts and I realized as I was accessorizing them, that they use the Autumn mini-medley's pack. My customers could supersize their kits and get that mini-medley pack if they want. Well, guess what was the Deal-a-Day special for that day? That very same Autumn Garden Mini-medley pack! I told my customers that night and I had 3 gals hop online and take advantage of the special to get theirs free! I even pulled out my laptop and helped 2 of the gals place their orders right then and there! Of course they ended up buying D size sets instead of just A size! LOL! It was a win-win because they got a great freebie for ordering (it's worth $7.95 so it was a nice one!) and I got additional sales! Even better than if they had just super-sized their kits! It was fabulous!

If you have any experiences with the Deal-A-Day special, post them on the blog! We'd love to hear them!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Constant Change

I am finishing up a couple of classes for my Master's Degree with the CTMH Training Academy and I came across this class this morning (at 4am because I couldn't sleep due to my jet lag that isn't going away yet!! LOL!) It's called Making Change Work for You (in the professional development section of the Master's Degree classes). It was great! Change is so constant in our lives...whether it's in our businesses or in our personal lives...we always find change around every corner. Maybe your kids are growing up and the time you can spend with Close to My Heart is changing (either increasing or decreasing). Maybe you are dealing with moving to a different state or country. Maybe you having changes in your health. Maybe Close to My Heart changes something about a product that is different for you and your customers. There are many different types of changes we have to deal with. This class by Sue Laufer gives some great personal examples about how she has dealt with change (both personal and business). I challenge you all to go take this class sometime this week (it's only 13 minutes long! Come on...you have 13 minutes somewhere!) and post what you think or how you have handled business or personal changes in your lives! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tender Tags

I thought you all might like to see a couple of cards using the June Stamp of the Month - Tender Tags. I have to admit that the stamp set didn't grab me at first glance, but after playing with it I really liked it! I made one of the Bella cards, and the other cards came from a swap with my second upline, Diana. Love them!