Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Constant Change

I am finishing up a couple of classes for my Master's Degree with the CTMH Training Academy and I came across this class this morning (at 4am because I couldn't sleep due to my jet lag that isn't going away yet!! LOL!) It's called Making Change Work for You (in the professional development section of the Master's Degree classes). It was great! Change is so constant in our lives...whether it's in our businesses or in our personal lives...we always find change around every corner. Maybe your kids are growing up and the time you can spend with Close to My Heart is changing (either increasing or decreasing). Maybe you are dealing with moving to a different state or country. Maybe you having changes in your health. Maybe Close to My Heart changes something about a product that is different for you and your customers. There are many different types of changes we have to deal with. This class by Sue Laufer gives some great personal examples about how she has dealt with change (both personal and business). I challenge you all to go take this class sometime this week (it's only 13 minutes long! Come have 13 minutes somewhere!) and post what you think or how you have handled business or personal changes in your lives! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Great Class!
    I liked what Sue said about having a support group. This is so important for me when it comes to making decisions. I like to vocalize my plans or ideas. When I am talking to someone and sharing what I want to do I can usually tell if it is a good idea that I have or if it isn't a so hot of an idea. And the person I am talking to can also offer suggestions. The key is making sure you are using the right support group... I love to talk things out with my husband, but sometimes you need to talk CTMH with CTMH sistas! And if you know Ed you will totally agree!