Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Deal-a-Day special is WOW!

WOW! Have all of you guys seen the last deal-a-day special? A goodie box worth $300 for only $125! That's better than half off. I'm really excited! I hope that my customers love it too. :) What have all of you guys thought about the Deal-a-Day specials? Have your customers enjoyed them or not? What would you like to see different? Would you like them to do a similar series of specials in the future? I'd really love to hear all of your feedback!

I want to tell you about one experience I've had with this special. Last Friday night was my scrapbook club. Earlier that day I was putting the finishing touches on my layouts for next month (I always show them the following month's layouts). They are the Bella layouts and I realized as I was accessorizing them, that they use the Autumn mini-medley's pack. My customers could supersize their kits and get that mini-medley pack if they want. Well, guess what was the Deal-a-Day special for that day? That very same Autumn Garden Mini-medley pack! I told my customers that night and I had 3 gals hop online and take advantage of the special to get theirs free! I even pulled out my laptop and helped 2 of the gals place their orders right then and there! Of course they ended up buying D size sets instead of just A size! LOL! It was a win-win because they got a great freebie for ordering (it's worth $7.95 so it was a nice one!) and I got additional sales! Even better than if they had just super-sized their kits! It was fabulous!

If you have any experiences with the Deal-A-Day special, post them on the blog! We'd love to hear them!


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