Friday, March 26, 2010

Studio J - Day 12

This layout was a really fun one to make and it came together really easily! See the "Girl Time" accent piece on the left page? It is decked out in Stickease! :) Stickease alphabet letters, medium size Stickease (with a digital brad in the center of the flower...don't forget to play around with adding the buttons and metal embellishments to the stickers!) and the Stickease borders. Here is how I adjusted the borders stickers. When you drag a border sticker to the layout, it will automatically make it 12 inches long to match the page. To re-size it, just click on it after you drop it on. Grab the diagonal arrow in the bottom right corner of the sticker and just move it until it is the size you want! That changes the whole proportions of the sticker, adjust the size both in length and width. If you want to just shorten or lengthen (and not change the other dimension, just grab one of the box icons on one of the sides and move it to fit. Play with it and you'll see what I mean. It's so easy! And it's nice because you can't resize the real stickease!

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