Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have a Bachelor's of Close to My Heart Business Degree!

I'm so excited! I finally earned my Bachelor's degree with the Training Academy! Woohoo!! When the program started, I had some computer issues that wouldn't let me access the Training Academy, but now it works and I have my degree!

Now I'm moving on to my Master's Degree! I hope you join me and try out the training academy too! I have a challenge for all of you! Sometime in the next week, I challenge you to take this Training Academy class: "Making Workshops Work for You" (business 201 class). Post a comment on our blog about what your thoughts on the class are by next Wednesday, May 20th and I'll send you a little surprise! :) It's only a 19 minute can do it! If you have already taken the class then either review it, or choose another one you haven't done yet. Come on, take the class and let's chat about it!

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