Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Triple play sets

Hi ladies,

Ok, so I have had the Triple Play set for about a week and I cannot fathom out how to fix the books together. Does anyone understand the instructions? I'm certain I am being an idiot but if someone could post step by step instructions I would be eternally grateful. Then perhaps I can use a completed book to show any customers that decide to show up.


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  1. Ok, I played with my albums last night...how stinkin' cute and fun! LOVED them!! Anyway, I played around and they are easier to put together than they look. I think I may try to make a little Youtube video showing how to do it so I can direct customers to it when they get their kits. :) But in the meantime, here are a few tips:

    1. Basically, each page strip is folded like a z. They are folded so that the end of each z points to the center of the album.
    2. Then each strip is attached to one of the set of holes that are in the binding.
    3. Then just follow the directions in the guide to attach the pages. I basically, took the ribbon in the kit and divided it into 6 equally sized pieces. Use 2 pieces for each book, one for each page.

    One tip: it's a little tight threading both pieces of ribbon through the center hole. If you cut the ribbon ends at an angle, it makes it a lot easier to thread the hole, plus it frays less. :)

    Have fun! The albums are darling! Now, I'm off to find pictures to put in!
    Hope that helps!