Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Wisdom

Hi Everyone!
It's little late this week, but here is our "weekly" wisdom this time instead of our "Wednesday's" Wisdom! :)

The brand new consultant locator went live this week! Woohoo!! It's so much nicer than the old one and I'm excited that new customers can find us easier now. Everyone who is a supervisor and above is automatically added to the locator system. If you are not a supervisor, you have to opt-in and choose to be in the system. DO IT!!! It can only help your business. Here's how to opt-in (or opt out if you are a supervisor and above and don't want referrals): log in to the corporate website and click on Managing Your Business > Personal Business Assistant. Below your main and shipping addresses in the Contact Information section is a checkbox for Consultant Locator visibility.

Registration for Leadership conference starts on Monday for everyone who is a manager and above (
Supervisors can register on Monday, April 20, space permitting). I can't tell you how excited I am about the new products and programs that will be released at Leadership! It is going to be fabulous and I promise you are going to want to be there! I wish I could tell you all the reasons why. :) But trust, want to be there! Only 300 people can go, so register right away. There are still hotel rooms available at the Marriott right next door to the convention hotel and if you are looking for roommates, post it to the blog and we can coordinate. :) You need to come to leadership!!

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