Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whoooo Loves You?

Here's a simple card I did in my technique club this month using the masking technique. Pretty simple technique really but fun to do. Take your image and stamp it on a scrap piece of paper (like copy paper), and cut it out. This will be your mask. I like to use our Hermafix adhesive, which is temporary, to hold the mask in place as I work. You can cut a mask of the whole image which would allow you to give depth to your project - because you can put something in front or behind or you can cut specific areas out of your piece like I did here - I cut the chest part out and the feet so that I could have different colors on the body of the owl and then put the branch under the feet. Post a card you've done using the masking technique!


  1. So cute Kim! Are the eyes brads? I'll have to play with masking and take your challenge and post a card using masking! :)

  2. Just liquid glass on the eyes. It's such a simple card - would love to see your masking card girl!