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Convention Wrap Up!

Hi Everyone!
Convention was awesome!!! I can't believe the way it just flew by! I had to leave a little early to get home for my daughter's 16th birthday and then we turned around the next day and went out of town for a family vacation for 6 days! So I am just now getting home and getting a chance to sit down and process all of the exciting info and cool news from convention!

Here is a re-cap of all the good news from convention! It was mostly put together by my friend Janene, but I made some tweaks and notes that pertain to our team. :) It's long so you may want to print it out! LOL!

Happy stampin' and scrappin'!

NEW IDEA BOOK! The new Autumn/Winter idea book is live for consultants on August 1st, but not live for our customers until September 1st.

Our Idea Book is changing! We will no longer have an Idea Book three times annually, but are moving to twice annually instead, with an extra 24 pages (if I remember right) being added to each idea book. They are doing it for a few reasons - ease in product release with the convention year, and the ability to decrease cost for all of us (which is awesome!). Jeanette Lynton, founder and CEO, was excited to share that with all of the scrapbook companies and stores that have had to close their doors, go bankrupt, or overhaul their companies - CTMH is and always has been strong, and we are currently debt-free and in a great place of strength. BIG CHEERS! Doesn't it feel good to work for such a solid company that we know isn't going anywhere? I love my job! Anyway - we will now have a Spring/Summer edition that will run from February - July, and an Autumn/Winter edition that will run from August - January. The current idea book is the final edition of the current schedule, so the next edition coming up will be the Spring/Summer edition on Feb. 1st that will run for six months. If you notice, the new idea book runs from Sept. - Dec., and the next one starts in February. So what about the gap this January as we transition? Kristine Widtfeldt said we will have some transitional item - it would be a special publication for the month highlighting National Papercrafting Month and our special, would include the SOM, etc. So that will be a fun thing to watch for!

IDEA BOOK PRE-ORDER: On that note, there is a new pre-order program for Idea Books. Consultants can now pre-order and pre-pay for their idea books, and there is even more flexibility at a great price. You can pre-order in packs of 10, 25, 50, or 100, and regardless of which size pack you order, they are all the same price of $1.25 each. YAY! You no longer need to buy from other people if you don’t want to. Pre-orders for the Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book can be placed beginning soon (look for a corporate update) through October 31, 2010. For the 2011 Autumn/Winter Idea Book, pre-orders are accepted January 1 to April 30, 2011.

NEW COMMISSION CARD! Beginning October 1, 2010, Close To My Heart commission checks are replaced by a commission payment card. Commissions earned during the month are deposited on or around the 15th of the following month. This will act as a debit card - your commissions can go right on this card for immediate use. The same timeline applies as it does now - funds available around the 15th of the following month, for the previous month's sales. So, I would be paid November 15th for my October sales. This does NOT replace the current direct-deposit system that CTMH has set up and consultants currently on direct-deposit will remain that way unless they ask to switch. What it DOES replace is the mailed commission check - less work and money for them, and faster for you.

JCCU PROGRAM RETIRED: CTMH is retiring the JCCU consultant level. JCCU (Junior Consultant with Corporate Upline) will end as of December 31, 2010. Anyone at this level will no longer be part of CTMH, and will return to being a customer with no consultant contract. If you ARE at this level and would like to stay with CTMH, you can sign up again as a consultant and start fresh with an immediate 22% discount by purchasing a new kit. Or, you can place $300 in orders for two consecutive quarters and you will become active and not have to purchase a new kit. If not, after Dec. 31st they will go back to being a customer.

Junior Consultants: This status will continue to stay the same. A consultant is JR when they do not place the minimum $300 per quarter. To remain a JUNIOR consultant you must place an order of any size at least once during the calendar year. Jr. Consultants receive a 10% discount. By submitting $300 within any calendar quarter, you will automatically move back to active status and get your 22% discount/commission back...easy! Be thinking about your status, as consultants will be able to order from the new Autumn/Winter idea book on August 1st, and your personal orders DO count toward reaching that $300.

There are 8 NEW colors that are part of our Summer Palettes! Woohooo!!! I was not a fan of our summer palettes so I’m way excited!

The Summer Carnival Palette is now Gypsy, Holiday Red, Pacifica, Sunny Yellow, Sunset, Topiary

The Summer Celebration Palette is now Cotton Candy, Dutch Blue, Lagoon, Pear, Sky, Smoothie.

This means the colors being retired are: Hydrangea, Ocean, Orange, Star Spangled Blue, Clover Meadow, Watermelon, Bubblegum, Citrus Leaf. Stock up on supplies now for any of these items you want to keep for your own personal stash.

Brand New Albums that are now FAUX LEATHER and come in 6 colors: Black, Dark Chocolate, Dark Cranberry, Dark New England Ivy, Hollyhock, and Outdoor Denim

This means, all of our current albums will be retired - no linen and no expensive leather. They are NOT in the new catalog. NO 6x6 albums and no 9x9 albums. The new albums are gorgeous and a wonderful price of just $24.95.

My favorite new product: BIG Flip-Flaps for scrapbooking! We have the small 4x6 size to add to our protectors for more photo room, and now we have BIG ones to extend the size of our pages. These will be best-sellers, for sure!! We now have a 12" Assortment of the flip flaps (4x12, 6x12, 8x12)! So you can add to the top, bottom, and/or sides of your pages to increase the amount of room and pictures that you can scrap. LOVE THESE!

Magic is the newest addition to our hard-bound how-to books. This new "how to" book featuring cleaver Interactive techniques for scrap booking! This will also be a big hit and a huge seller! Another favorite product...

Some of the new embellishments include sparkles in colors, pearls and shimmer brads! There are a bunch of new stamps and a cute My Creations Album called Mix and Mingle!

STUDIO J: Studio J will now have expanded color choices, more patterns, and new photo editing tools!!! WOO HOO!!!

Coming Soon: Studio J will have Memberships to sell with GREAT Benefits:
1) Hostesses get credit for membership sales
2) Customers earn campaign rewards
Under the Membership Studio J Members will save 50% on layouts...That is $6.50 per 2-page layout and $5.07 for the consultant price (Just $3.25/$2.54 per page!!!) AWESOME!!!!! Members also get high resolution digital files for printing and archiving and low resolution for E-mailing and online sharing. You can even just purchase the digital files for only $3!!! Great for those who want to print their own!

But wait there are more options!!! There is a discounted 5-Pack that is great for gifting and good as an ideal "Try Me". There is a page in our idea book that covers all of these features, clearly explaining the benefits to our customers.

New Studio J "App" for the I-Phone or I-Touch! I don't believe there was an official release date, but I think it was coming in the next few weeks. Basically, you'll be able to access Studio J on one of these two devices, so that it's portable at your gatherings. You can show how it works, and you'll even be able to access your own layouts created with Studio J. No more trying to just 'talk' about it - you can show it!

New Constant Campaign for July-August
Consultants only! When you sign up for a website you will get a Studio J membership for FREE! Dates: July 15-August 15, 2010. Purchase a 12-month membership (or extend your current membership 1 year) and you will get a free 12-month membership to Studio J (savings of $99!). The activation fee for your website is also waived. This is a MUST-DO for all consultants and such a steal. The math adds up to only about $8.25/monthly and is an awesome annual price!

New Consultant Kit on August 1st! $129.00 - WOW! The New Consultant Kit provides all of the basic business essentials (order forms, catalogs, invitations, etc.), PLUS they get to choose 3 "Choose Me" bundles to include (6 to choose from), and can even purchase the remaining three bundles for just $40 each if they'd like. This gives consultants the ability to customize their kit however they'd like. Here are the six bundles coming up (remember, new consultants can choose 3 of these included in their $129 price). Tier 2 MyCTMH website; 12-month Studio J membership; 'Magnifique' products plus stamps, inks, accessories; 'Mistletoe' products plus stamps, ink, accessories; Shoulder tote, album, expanders, label holders, etc.; Stamps, blocks, and a my Acrylix stamp set organizer. So awesome!!

If a new Consultant wants them all, they can purchase them all! Each additional "choose me" option is only $40. Close To My Heart provides a new Consultant a super value with the New Consultant Kit. A new Consultant can receive a kit that is two to three times the value of the price.

Workshops on the Go: Simplified - no more 'best' option, just the $29.95 basic kit. This gives consultants the flexibility to promote this however it works best for your customers, suggest items for additional purchase, etc. Very cool thing is that all of the WOTG kits will now be featured in the catalog so your customers can order them on any kind of order, plus see in advance (including the stamp set) so that they can plan ahead. Very cool! The Autumn/Winter issue has a 2-page spread devoted to "Workshops on the Go" so that ANYONE can purchase all of the featured kits and see what comes in each, including the stamp set, paper, embellishment, and see the layout in color. HELPFUL!

FREE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING! EVERY CONSULTANT CAN ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS FOR FREE! YES, I said FREE! That means that when a customer wants to pay with a credit card, all consultants can accept this, even if you don't have a current 'Propay' account! There will be a place in the Order Entry section where you can choose to continue paying the full amount with your own card, or you can enter each customers credit card directly. AND there are no fees associated with it either. If you have a website and your customers place an online order, you are no longer charged processing fees. Basically - it's less work and more money for us. Thank you, CTMH! You will receive your commission from any customer credit card order tacked onto your commission check on the 15th of each month. Yay!

Constant Campaign for National Stamping Month is the 'Triple Play' (Mini-Album Kit)
Preview: July 15 - August 14th
To Customers: August 15 - September 30
Buy It Full Price: $29.95
Earn Your Discount:
Purchase Minimum Stamps $25 = just $15
Purchase Minimum Stamps $40 = just $5
Hostesses and New Consultants = FREE*
This kit includes all the supplies needed to make some super cute mini albums, including mini-stamp pads, paper, accessories, and an instruction guide. Be watching online in the 'Constant Campaigns' section for a flyer and more details.

NEW HOSTESS REWARDS ADDITION: Hostesses can now start receiving a half-price item at the $250 level instead of just $350!! WOO HOO!!!

EZ-INVITE: Beginning October 1 EZ-Invite will no longer require a face to face gathering for the hostess to receive product credit. You must have at least 2 people minimum who order from the website and sales must be of at least $150 for it to count! WOO HOO!!!! This means that you can host parties ANYWHERE - basically, we now offer book/catalog parties or online/web parties. A great way to increase your sales when you can set up an EZ-Invite for people out of state, they can invite people to shop from your website, and then you'll help your hostess choose gifts and close the show. AWESOME!!

INCENTIVE TRIP: The next Cruise/Incentive trip destination for 2012 is HAWAII!!!!! I plan on being there.. who's coming with me? This contest begins October 1st, so start working on your plans to step up your business and earn the points to get there!

2011 CONVENTION: Mark your calendars now for July 14-16, 2011!!! Convention will be held in Anaheim, California at the DISNEYLAND HOTEL. There is a "Dollars to Disney" program so that you can pay small amounts monthly and have your registration paid before convention even hits. SO NICE for the budget, and it begins August 3rd. And we already know our color group for classes! Our team will be Sleeping Beauty (pink). If that color group fills up, use Cinderella (blue). Hmmm….I’m starting to dream up some fun pink things we can use for convention! LOL!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: ALL of the FAQs for the new updates are on the Corporate Website under the "To Know" section - just click on "FAQs"!! There are a lot more details in each FAQ guide than what was shared here, so do take some time to check that section of the website out if you have additional questions that aren't answered here. THANKS, FRIENDS!! :D

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